\\\\\\\I am in Belgrade, Serbia, but provide lessons online.

\\\\\\\If you’re also in Belgrade and prefer face-to-face classes, you can take lessons in your office, cafe, lobby of your hotel. Of course in a cafe or hotel lobby we’ll be constantly surrounded with outside sounds, but don’t let it embarrass you. In real life we never talk in complete silence, and noise at some natural level would approximate our class to the conditions of real communication.

\\\\\\\The normal regime is two lessons per weekFlexitime is possible. Usually the schedule of businessmen and especially  senior managers is so busy and so changeable that they are not sure even where they will be in the next week ahead. It can be difficult to integrate their two Russian classes in some stable way. Taking a sober view of things I’m ready to adapt to your shifting schedule.

\\\\\\\If you decide to cancel a lesson you should let me know at least 24 hours before the class. Late cancellations are to be paid. And remember: your progress in Russian strongly depends on the regularity of your classes.